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I don’t know what it was with me – maybe I was just a strange kid. Something I couldn’t wait for when I was younger though was to get to bed. Strange, I know. I suppose I just loved having great dreams at night. I know that has a lot to do with the great air conditioner in my window, which my parents installed to help with some cooling issues in our house. Supplying myself with excellent comfort, the air quality in the room was typically excellent, courtesy of that cooling air from the air conditioner unit. It was absolutely great, but I think I spent a little too much time in my room because of it. I loved having the air conditioner blasting away through the night, so I kept the temperature control on a lower setting to keep the room cool. It truly helped me when I needed to drift off to sleep at night. I would usually turn it off during the day, as it would get a little cold in the room if it ran for too long. It was typically worth the excellent night of sleep I got from it though! I felt well rested every single morning, so I typically had great days at school for the most part. I know that a good night’s sleep is rare now as an adult, but I loved it even as a kid. Still, I remember how upsetting it was for me, when the day came that my air conditioner unit finally broke down. I had that A/C unit for such a long time, and it died because I used it so much. Imagine if I had used it lightly! I was surprised and very grateful when my parents purchased a nice, modern air conditioner unit for my room a few weeks later. It was more energy efficient too, and I know my parents well. I’m sure they wanted that because they knew how much I was typically using the air conditioner in my room!

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