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There are many of different air filters for sell.  You can purchase an air filter that can target air quality or just take care of the Heating and Air Conditioning unit. Some brands of air conditioning filters can be reusable. You also can decide what type of material the air conditioning filter is made out of, then obviously, all models have pros as well as cons. It is up to the homeowner to decide what they want for their HVAC and air quality needs.  A HEPA filter has smaller holes in it. This means more dust is eliminated before it goes into the Heating & Air Conditioning system and circulated. However, with the smaller holes, the HEPA filter needs to be changed every two weeks. It is also more costly than the other air filter models. I recently tried a washable air filter. This filter is meant to be used several times. The air filter also lasts around a month before you need to clean it.  So I would get around a couple of months work out of a single air filter. I thought I was being so smart with this filter! No, it was not the best for air quality or the Heating & Air Conditioning, however I believed that it would have some benefit. The main issue I entirely had with this filter was the cleaning process. According to the instruction, you take out the filter as well as clean it under water. It sounds so self-explanatory. The process was way more involved. I had to rip it out of the vent, remove the metal coil, get a special tool to clean it, as well as then set everything back up again. It took me over forty-five minute to do it!

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