My body is fighting back

I take karate more than one afternoon a week. The entire lesson I just pray that I will not have to ground fight. The lesson incorporates kicks, hand strikes, self defense and cardio.  Also, the master teacher teaches us ground fighting. I take the intermediate class with more than one absolutely sexy guy. I love holding pads and kicking with them. I like when I have to wrap my arms around them in a fake choke, but rolling around on the floor is what I try to avoid. The truth is because of how much I perspire. The workout is high intensity, and the teacher does not have air conditioning system in the workout area.  Since I work out strictly with AC, my body is not used to this, however with no cooling, I sweat uncontrollably. Not a large deal though. I wear all dark clothes, coat myself in body powder and I do my hair real cute. If we get down on the ground though, it is obvious how gross I am. I am hoping to at least go out with one of them. Who wants to date the girl with crotch and boob sweat? There is no way for myself and others to sweat less either. The teacher understands my dilemma and has mentioned getting A/C soon. I hope every month that it is there, or at least that we have mastered the ground fighting style. No such luck with either of these though. At least once a month I have to get one of the gorgeous men between my warm legs, and face in my warm boobs. It is real wet, smelly and awkward for the majority of the class.

cooling unit