I don’t want to get up

I feel like I am being stalked in my own home.  It’s hard to tell the story without having to laugh, but I think it could be a serious situation.  I tend to tell everyone about it because it is a hoot of what kind of faces people will make. When I was moving into my new new home, there was an old lady hanging around outside.  She was peeking at me from over the hedges and she even looked into some of my boxes when I put them down out of the truck. She never said a word to me, and she kept her distance, until I got into the truck.  My husband said that she was probably a little off, and that I should ignore her. The next day, however, she was hanging around outside, and I looked out. She was on her hands and knees looking at my air conditioning unit.  I asked her if she needed anything, and she showed me her tools and said she was just looking at the AC. Okay, so she had a thing for AC units. Maybe it’s her hobby, and I guess there are worst hobbies than air conditioning.  A couple days later, she had a ladder outside my window, and she was looking into the air vents. Now I was a little nonplussed because she could look right into my bedroom. I asked her about it and she fled like I had tried to take a shot at her.  Yesterday, she tried to scoot past my husband and get into the house to look at our furnace. I’m wondering if I should call the police.

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