I’m not a social guy

When my husband and I moved into a new neighborhood, we weren’t prepared for what we found there.  We were unpacking our moving truck and putting a lot of the boxes onto the ground, where I would carry them into the house.  I looked over and I saw an elderly man staring at us from across the street. He was looking out his porch window. I just thought he was being nosey, and I waved at him.  Half an hour later, when we were in the house, he came across the street, and he was looking into our boxes. He kind of creeped me out, but my husband said he looked harmless.  The next day, I looked outside and I saw him crouched outside the window. I sent my husband out and the man said that air conditioning system was a hobby of his, and he showed him his toolbox.  My husband said it must just be a weird hobby. Then he was up on a ladder the next day, and looking into the air vents of the AC unit. Now I knew there was something strange about the guy. My husband didn’t take it serious until he followed me into the house and ran into the furnace room to look at my furnace.  My husband called the police when he got home and made a report. We never did see the strange man hanging around our air conditioning unit again, but I sure get a couple of eye raises when i tell people about the strange man that lived in our housing development.