We started sneaking around

I recently moved into a new home, and I think it is really great.  Whenever anyone asks me how my new home is, I tell them that it is great, but I also go on to tell them my story that goes along with the house.  When I first moving in I was greeted by one of my neighbor. He is a bit older than me and he was very friendly. I didn’t mind it, but it seemed like he lingered a bit longer than what made me comfortable.  As I finished unloading all of my belongings from the truck I saw him looking at everything that I brought in. I just thought maybe he was a bit odd, and I just continued with taking my belongings in. About a week after I moved in, I noticed that he was hanging out a lot in my backyard, and I asked him if there was something wrong.  He had been staring at my air conditioning unit and he showed me his tool box. He said that he loved central air conditioning units. He made it sound like he worked with HVAC units and that he worked with a lot of the AC units in the neighborhood. I didn’t care if that was his hobby, and I’m glad he had a hobby like HVAC. I thought it was kind of odd that he happened to have somewhat of an obsession with my HVAC because he was soon looking at my AC unit on a regular basis and I found him on a ladder looking into the air vents.  

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