I enjoyed the filter

If I’m faced with a huge project that I know I’ll hate, I call my brother.  He’s like a machine and knows everything about home repair. Have to gut your bathroom?  Call my brother asap. Do you need your entire wood floor sanded in your house? Get my brother out there with his sander and he’ll toil away for the afternoon with no water, food or a break.  This has got me in the habit of always calling my brother whenever I know I have a project coming. My recent one is installing heated floors. It can’t be that hard to do yourself, can it? It said online that you have to remove the existing floors before the piping can be installed.  FInally, the pipes are linked up to one another and then are fed into the boiler system below in the basement, which heats the water and feeds it through the piping in the floors. As a result, you have fully hydraulic heated floors, how awesome is that? Once you’re done installing the heat system, you put your new flooring over top.  It all sounds really simple and easy on the surface level. My brother and I should be up for the job. We even went out and bought metal crowbars to remove the old floors. Even though we found out the pipes are really heavy, the two of us should be able to handle the heater installation. I predict that we will have it done in about six hours.  From there, the new floors should be laid and finished in a couple of hours.

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