I hate snow, cold and running the furnace –

Every year, I get very depressed in the fall.  Despite the beautiful leaves, ripe apples and delicious vegetables, I’m unhappy.  I absolutely despise winter. Because of the area where I live, winter is the longest season.  It’s ungodly cold, and there’s an endless amount of snow. The winter season is a ton of work, aggravation, and expense.  I typically need to spend hours every day shoveling the walkways and driveways. I even need to shovel access to the mailbox and a path for the dog to walk.  I continually knock icicles off the overhang of the roof and spread rock salt on every pathway. If I want to go anywhere, I am required to brush snow off the car, scrape ice off the windshield and let the defrost and heater run for twenty minutes.  I own a four-wheel-drive truck, because it’s necessary to manage the snowy roads. I really hate being confined inside the house with the furnace running. Since heating the house is so costly, I’ve taken precautions to minimize energy waste. My house is sealed up tight to keep the heated air inside and prevent any influx of cold, outside air.  The furnace runs just about non stop from September until the end of March, and the same stale air is continuously circulated. The air is dusty and super dry. I sneeze, cough and suffer way more sore throats and headaches in the winter. I deal with dry skin, chapped lips, frizzy hair, and get a shock every time I walk across the carpet. Despite paying to run the furnace, I’m forced to bundle up in layers of sweaters.  I couldn’t look less attractive if I tried.

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