I wish I would have thought of that

One day when I was working in my study, my wife came to me and said that we should get HVAC zone control. Honestly, I didn’t know what she was talking about. I asked her what that was and she explained that HVAC zone control separates the household into zones which allows for customized temperatures in every zone. Basically I would be able to have my study at whatever climate control setting that I wanted while my wife could have her area of the house the way she wanted and we wouldn’t conflict with one another over the climate control settings. I thought that sounded great and said she should go ahead and contact the HVAC company. That’s when she told me she already called them and they would be coming to our place in the morning. While I thought it was a little disrespectful for her to just do that without talking to me first, at least she was honest about it. Not to mention, it truly was a brilliant idea. We have been having problems agreeing on the temperature control settings for the longest time and now she came up with this brilliant solution. I didn’t know how she learned about it, probably one of her friends recommended it. It didn’t matter, though, I honestly looked forward to the new change so I could crank the A/C up a little more without bothering my wife. I already knew that she would likely be cranking up the heat because she always felt too cold. Because we always tried to compromise with the temperature control settings, we were mostly not happy with the settings.

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