I have a big interest here

I have the funniest story! Sally recently purchased an apartment right around the corner from my place. I was so happy because Sally is 1 of my best friends. I offered to help my friend scrub the apartment before she moved in so that there wasn’t any mildew or mold left from the owners before her. Sally and I spent the first day on the home cleaning, the following day on the floors plus ceilings, plus another full day on all the kitchen cupboards. It was rough work, however in the end paid off. The last thing he wanted to do before he moved in was have the air ducting cleaned of dirt plus grime. The appointment was tied up for the second day, so I didn’t expect to see my friend Sally. In fact, she showed up at my door with a look of horror on her face that was so comical, I absolutely burst out in giggles. Sally retold the events to me. The heating plus cooling corporation came to her apartment to wash the HVAC vents. She was unpacking some clothes in the home office when she heard the weirdest drilling sound. She poked her face downstairs to ask the heating, ventilation, plus undefined workers if they were drilling since she was hearing the sound plus couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. The workers stopped dead to look around. Turns out, an entire area of air ducting had been infested with hummingbirds. She was so horrified by this.