I love to have fun

I have the wildest story! A neighbor of mine lately bought a condo right around the corner from me. I was so glad because she is so fun. I gave to help her clean the condo before she moved in so that there wasn’t any gross thing or grime left from the owners before her. The two of us spent the 1st day on the family room, the next day on the residing plus dining rooms, plus another complete day on all the living rooms. It was tough work, but in the end paid off. The last thing my friend wanted to do before she moved in was have the air ducting cleaned of dirt plus dust. The date was busy for the next day, so I didn’t expect to see my friend. In fact, she showed up at our door with a look of terror on her face that was so comical, I legitimately burst out chuckling. She retold the events fast. The heating plus cooling business came to her condo to clean the HVAC ducts. She was unpacking some plates in the family room when she heard the weirdest buzzing sound. She poked her head downstairs to talk to the heating, ventilation, plus air conditioning system workers if they were singing since she was hearing the sound plus couldn’t ponder out where it was coming from. The workers stopped dead to look around, plus for good reason, as it turns out. Her condo had sat alone for a few weeks, plus while in that time an entire area of air ducts had been infested with bees.

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