I hope to hear more!

My friends and I wanted nothing more than to be part of an opening for a headlining band.  We talked about forming our own band for several years, before we finally got together in my garage, and started to practice.  We thought we sounded pretty good, so we began to talk about getting into a studio and make some demos to send out to the bands that were going to be in our city.  We found this one studio that was in the back of an old garage. When we got there, the garage looked like it was abandoned, and if someone hadn’t been sitting in the back of the building, we probably would have left.  He took us into the studio, and I was in shock. There was refreshing clean air coming from everywhere. I looked around and all I could see were recessed air vents in the ceiling. They showed us into the booth and told us to go ahead and play and they would be laying the tracks.  My mind was on the air vents and the air conditioning, almost as much as it was on the music we were playing. I kept looking at the air vents, and wondering why I couldn’t hear the air conditioning playing. When we were leaving the studio, I asked the manager about the air conditioning.  He told me that had a booster to get the air conditioning in the studio, and not to create any background sounds to impede on the sounds of the music. The air conditioning was perfect, even if our sound wasn’t.

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