I tend to schedule far too much

I think that all young boys dream of joining or creating their own band, and I was no different.  My friends and I were in the high school band, and we were sure we were good enough to be in a real rock bank.  After two years of talking smack about creating a band, we got together in my garage one night, and we began to jam.  My girlfriend thought we were really awesome, and then she started to sing with us. Two years later, we had a couple of gigs, and we got it in our heads that we were going to cut a demo and send it out to the major bands that visited our city.  We wanted to be the opening show. We found a small recording studio, and we rented an hour to cut our demo. When we got to the address, the place looked like an old abandoned garage, but we still went inside. As we approached the door in back, they opened it for us.  I was amazed at the great air conditioning that was back there. I kept looking for the air vents, because I couldn’t hear the air conditioning running. We were shown to the recording booth, and we started to jam. The entire time I was playing the music and singing, I was looking up at the ceiling.  It amazed me how strong the AC was, but that the sound didn’t interfere with us. I asked the recording manager and he told me that there were duct boosters. It pushed the AC through the building, but the noise was muffled. Now I am a HVAC tech, because we never did get signed for any gigs.

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