I know this clean up will go well

Summer clean up job definitely is as bad as it sounds. These type of jobs typically go to the last egg. The person who started looking for summer work much too late. The student who had to go to summer school before their summer could even start. Or worse, the family vacation you were forced to go on instead of hang out with your friends. Well, the summer clean up job is exactly what it sounds like. We go from rental house to rental house on beach doing deep cleans from all of the people who had stayed there in the summers. We had to literally strip every single air vent in the entire house, scrub it down and replace the air filters. This was the absolute worst job! People use their air conditioners like they drink water. The disgust in the those air filters was horrific. You could almost tell when you walk in the house who broke the non-smoking or non-pet rules. But, once you opened up those filters it was obvious. So, not only was the smell and disgust the worst, but we had to stop and take photos for the owners! Some houses took a lot longer than others did, for those we ended up getting compensated well. At least the owners understood when certain renters were worse than others. They valued us for having the worst job ever. If we did a good job, we would get a nice tip when we were completely done. I will tell you this, I sure do have a much better respect for my home HVAC system now. I am more kind than every to it!

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