The newest unit

The best gift I know that I ever got was an media air cleaner from our old lake cabin. I stole it from the property last year when i went up to visit because I couldn’t’ stand my quality of air or life anymore!  I used to get sick all of the time. My lungs were continually infected with something or another. Everytime the season change, I would get sick. Anytime there was any sort of a bug around, I caught it. I took vitamins, worked out as directed, & ate only organic food. Still, like clockwork, I would get sick all of the time and the illness would take hold for several weeks, if not months. Now, I never get sick & I am thinking it is because of our media air cleaner, solely. What an air purification method does is remove smells, dirt & nasty debris from your air quality. My media air cleaner installs right up to our Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit. So in the Winter whenever the gas furnace goes on, the media air cleaner is on along with it. I suppose our gas furnace is naturally a dirty system, thanks to it’s method of heating. I scrub the gas furnace filters frequently & our media air cleaner probably makes up for everything that I miss. In the Summer the media air cleaner works in tandem with the A/C system. My cooling system would get a huge buildup of mold, dust & mildew in it due to all the moisture. The media air cleaner has totally stopped the amount of bacteria that develop & cleans the indoor air conditions from the rest of them. I then have time to scrub the A/C method before it infects me and implants a new illness. Anybody who will listen, I am pro media air cleaner, and clean air quality is absolutely where it is at.

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