I learn every day

The best gift I think that I ever got was an air purification system which was handed down to me from home, thanks to my mom. I used to get sick all of the time. Literally. Everytime the season change, I would get sick for a month. Anytime there was a bug around, I caught it for three weeks. I took vitamins, worked out every day and ate only organic food. Still, love clockwork, I knew I would get sick all of the time. Now, I never get sick anymore and I am thinking it is because of our air purification system entirely. What an air purification system does is remove odors, dirt and debris easily from your air quality. My air purification system installs right into our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit, which has already been in place for years. So in the Winter season when the gas furnace goes on, necessarily the air purification system is on. I suppose our gas furnace is naturally a dirty system when you think about it. It picks up dust and dirt from all over before spreading it through the house. I wipe the gas furnace filters frequently and our air purification system makes up for every little particle that I miss. In the Summer the air purification system even works with the A/C system. My cooling system likely would get mold, dust and mildew in it due to all the moisture without my purification system. The air purification system has stopped the amount of bacteria that can grow, and cleans the indoor air conditions from the others that do take hold. I then have time to wipe the A/C system before it infects me and kills my body. Anybody who will listen, I am pro air purification system master!

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