What’s the issue here

What a great evening it is! I have never observed how orange the trees plus bushes are in this certain patch of land. I’ve never seen the sunlight shimmer so beautifully off the top of the river as the waves glimmer plus disapapple on the shore. I’ve definitely never breathed such totally cool plus fresh air, or observed how sweet the air feels as it passes through my nostrils, then yes. Maybe, I’m just in the middle of my post-illness upswing, however I’m seeing the world for how gorgeous it entirely is plus I’m not ashamed. You see, for the past few weeks or so, the world has seemed anything however breath taking plus welcoming, however for a while there, I was essentially trapped indoors, breathing in artificial air plus gasping for a fresh breeze. It all started when I oddly developed a chronic respiratory irritation, then my nasal passages were consistently plugged plus inflamed, plus I couldn’t even get a single breath in without gasping in a panic. I went to dentist after dentist, however after a week, my respiratory health had not improved. The dentists just kept giving me typical allergy medicines to try, plus sent myself and others on my way. I lived for 3 weeks appreciate this, hiding inside my home because I thought the outdoor air was filled with pollen, bugs, plus mold. It was only a few weeks ago when a good buddy recommended  I have a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C professional come to my spot, however after the visit, I found out that my dirty ventilation idea was really my tormentor. All my time spent caged up in artificial indoor air only made my illness worse! I will never challenge mother nature again.