I love the A/C unit

This coming summer I am planning on going further down south and staying with my sibling.  My youngest sibling just bought a brand new home and is okay with myself and others spending several weeks with him! I am super happy to spend several weeks in the warm sun and beach weather. The only downside is that my sibling wants to remodel several of the rooms! He is allowing myself and others to stay for so long because I we will provide free labor for the makeover. I recently found out that my sibling is also ripping out the central air conditioner.  Since he is a cheap person, he is not having an air conditioner business install the new A/C system, but when I arrive with my friends for the summer, we will tackle the cooling upgrade. I evaluated the weather and the temperature is supposed to be in the mid 90s when I arrive. It’s going to be terrible not having any A/C but doing manual labor with no air conditioner will be horrible. Also after doing some research on A/C installations, I see the upgrade of central air is not going to be simple. My sibling and I, with my friends, will need to completely tear down his walls and ceiling. Then we will need to fit in the walls the eight inch wide metal air duct. The air duct needs to run throughout the whole home and have open spots for air vents. Then we need to hook that air duct to the air conditioner device. Then of course there is the setting up of the thermostat. Do I believe with my brother and my group of friends have these skills? Not at all.  However I am willing to try for a free vacation. I believe the intense heat will be motivation that will make myself and the others work harder and faster.

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