Making it through finals week

When I was in college upnorth, I majored in English. I always loved literature and writing, so this was a natural fit for me. Most of my classes usually were taught in the same building, so that’s where I almost always would be found during the week. I can remember one month in June when the Air Conditioner in that building went out! It was a sincere issue trying to concentrate through classes because my classmates and I were way too hot to even pay attention. We were told that there was nothing we could do and to me missing class wasn’t an option. It was the month before final exams, and our instructor said we needed to have all of the same notes. I can even remember my instructors constantly complaining about the Air Conditioner complications, so it wasn’t just us that was suffering. I believe that the college staff had already called their Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioner serviceman to come out and make the fix, but to me the delay lasted way too long. We ultimately had to spend five days suffering in a hot building that just wasn’t fit for the instructors or us to even be there. Thankfully, the whole ordeal made me realize how important Air Conditioner units are on college campuses throughout the United States. Spring semester would have been particularly horrible if our classrooms and our shared spaces didn’t have cooling systems. I imagine it can take a lot of work to keep a campus running without any problems. The Air Conditioner outage genuinely through a wrench in our system, however we pushed through it! By finals week, the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioner component was back in normal working order and we all were able to take our tests without distractions. I sure am grateful for that because I don’t believe I would have passed if I had been forced to take my tests in the heat!