It’s very warm in here

Anytime you watch a movie about remodeling an old house, it goes real smooth. The young couple paints, choose the flooring and window treatments.  Everything goes really well, they smile and relax with a glass of wine when they are done. My wife, Stella and I decided to buy a home to fix up ourselves.  I knew that it would be nothing like the movie with their fixing up montage. I knew this because Stella and I are not naturally handy or industrial people. The part of the remodel that was the worst for us, was when we tried to install our central air conditioner. The house already had air ducts throughout the entire house. All that was left for us to do was to connect, mount and install the air conditioner! We realized too late that the air conditioner was way heavier than we thought when Stella ended up dropping her half plus denting the unit. For me mounting the A/C device was not an easy task either. We did not have the right tools so I don’t feel that it is real secure.  Next, linking the air duct to the air conditioner was equivalent to trying to speak Japanese. I researched how to do this online by looking at pictures, watching DIY videos and tried to use my common sense. Stella thinks I did it wrong, I feel like I did superb job for my first a/c remodel. Mainly because our cooling system does work. The A/C cools every room of the house just fine. The air conditioner does look unattractive with the dent on the edge plus it makes a super loud noise. My wife says this is because we made several mistake. I am willing to let the noise go since I don’t want to mess with an A/C replacement ever again. Our montage would not have been very inspirational.  But for normal couple, rather than a movie couple, I don’t think we did too bad.

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