Jamming in the studio

We had a really tight knit group of friends, and we had a lot of dreams and aspirations for our future, that we shared.  We all wanted to be a part of a band, and that bound us together. After talking about being in a band, we realized that we all played different instruments, and we decided to try playing together.  We weren’t too bad, but it wasn’t until my friend’s sister joined us with her drums and singing, that we became a band. After a year of small town gigs, we decided it was time to record our music. Most of the music was written by my friend’s sister, and I loved it.  We made an appointment at a studio in the city, and we headed out. When we got to the old garage that housed the studio, I was taken aback. The building looked abandoned, but inside, there was perfect air conditioning, and the building was filled with music paraphernalia.  There were other people waiting, but we were called to the back. When they put us in the booth, I couldn’t believe how we could have so much air conditioning, but you couldn’t hear it running. I was fascinated by the deep set air vents, and the cool air that was blowing out.  I talked to the manager when we were done, and he told me that there was a duct booster. It pushed all of the air conditioning out, but it cushioned the noise so it didn’t interfere with the music. We didn’t make it as musicians, and now we play for fun, but his sister’s music can be heard everywhere.

cooling system