I think we’re going to buy a new house

I have been looking for a cheaper place to live, but i live in a university town. Around twenty or so years ago meant there was a lot of cheap housing was available. and where there were university students, there was cheap apartments close by. Then unfortunately that all changed! Nowadays, big time corporations have obtained up all the land and built what they claim to be “luxury apartments.” I don’t call them luxury because they aren’t. They have 3 or 4 rooms and a living area.  Each individual room costs more rent than I pay for our whole house in the suburbs. However they do have some pretty cool perks that are hard to ignore. Included are also gorgeous swimming pools and ultra-modern HVAC systems. The a/c and gas furnaces in the majority of these developments are designed for roommates to share. Usually, that means a smart temperature control because millennials are obsessed with their apps that can control everything. It also means HVAC zone control. With this zone control, the students can all set their own temperature control whenever they want. Each room has their own part in the HVAC zone control system. I recently saw a single house complex bragging that they have even better a/c system for their student tenants. Instead of a single central air conditioning unit for the apartment to share, each home office has its own mini ductless cooling system. I don’t know if that’s better long term or not, but if it pleases the students I suppose its ok. I’m pretty sure this is why almost everyone graduates end up with way too much debt, when in college my child lived in a low cost off campus house, with a window a/c unit she hated, but it got the job done. This helped her finish school with no student loans.

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