I’m very worried

Before you do, please don’t ask me why I made the decision to do something so unusual. This past September I gave up my luxury condo as well as my truck, and went off to go off and live in the woods like my grandfather once did. My favorite Aunt, Aunt Gina, left me her old beat up lodge in her will. This lodge which had no plumbing or electricity whatsoever. After a few weeks I came to the conclusion it would be a good for me to get back to nature as well as live off the land. So I decided to  give up TV, the internet, my job, and my precious bed. After a few days in the woods very quickly figured out that I could do just good separate from knowing everything my friends ate for breakfast via Facebook. unfortunately, life separate from modern Heating as well as a good A/C system was brutal. September was so hot, and there was no air conditioning system to cool myself off. I would go down to the river to cool off a little. It was a good time as well as kind of fun. But then, Winter season crept up. There was no gas furnace. No gas furnace, no portable heater, this was not good! All I had to keep myself warm was a small fireplace, and let me tell you, a fireplace is not enough to keep a whole lodge warm. I guess that people like my grandpa used to do it just fine way back in the afternoon, but I guess I am a wimp because I need my air conditioning system as well as some good heating. Going to the river was good when I was missing air conditioning system, but that serves no purpose when you are freezing during the cold winter. I used the fireplace as much as I could as well as some old quilts. Words cannot explain how happy I was so happy to see my old Heating system as well as A/C when I got back home!

heat and AC