I want her to be comfortable

For the longest time, I was wondering why my girlfriend would always change her clothes. Honestly, she would change her clothes roughly 5 times per day. I would see her wearing a jacket inside the house with the heat blasting at times. Other times, she would be wearing summer clothes out on nippy day. I always thought she had some kind of thing about wanting to wear something new all the time because she was bored with her look or something strange like that. Eventually I asked her and she told me she had something called “hypothyroidism”. She told me it was basically a problem with her thyroid that caused her body to produce too much of certain hormones or too little which would cause hot flashes and at other times she would feel incredibly freezing. I felt really bad when she was telling me about all this. It definitely didn’t make me love her any less, and I was glad that she finally explained that to me. It was crazy because she explained the reason she changes her clothes so much is because she doesn’t want to affect anyone else with her body temperature swings. If she can remain comfortable simply by changing her outfits or putting on a coat, she’d rather do that instead of adjusting the climate control system and causing other people discomfort. I told her that one day when we got our own place together, we would definitely need HVAC zone control so that she could always remain comfortable without ever having to worry about affecting me in such a way.

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