I want to do what makes me proud

There was a time when I used to be pretty good at working on HVAC equipment. I was never a certified tech, but I used to work with my grandfather on housecalls. My grandfather definitely was a certified technician and he was definitely one of the best. I remember recently looking at an old video of us working on some equipment. I honestly could barely recognize myself because I seemed to know so much and definitely knew what I was doing. It was such a long time ago though and I never pursued that path to become an HVAC technician. I actually ended up working for the bank. After watching this old video of me doing something that genuinely made me happy, I have been thinking about going to a trade school so I could brush up on my heating and cooling maintenance knowledge. I could become a certified HVAC technician and do something that I honestly like to do. I really don’t know why I never decided to go that route back then, but recently when my grandfather passed away, it really struck me hard. This is why I have been watching old videos of us working together. It’s almost like he’s telling me to just get out there and start doing what I already love deep inside. I think that when I start doing just that, he will be absolutely proud of the path I am walking. My current job honestly has never been that satisfying. I truly need to do something that makes me proud, and I know inside that this will do just that.