Visiting family down south

Recently when I went to visit some of my family down south, I realized that I was not prepared for it! It was so intensely hot outside and I felt like I couldn’t get enough A/C! Well my family down there were actually experiencing some problems with their HVAC equipment. They ended up calling an HVAC company who sent out an HVAC technician to work on the A/C equipment. While I was feeling overheated and the humidity was intense, we all decided to go eat at a restaurant while my uncle stayed with the HVAC technician. It was a great escape to just relax in a restaurant with perfect air quality and the A/C was nice and cool. We stayed there up until my uncle finally called and said everything was good to go. I was hesitant about going back to their house because of the initial bad experience with the poor air quality, but when I got back there I was pleasantly surprised. That HVAC technician really worked a miracle on their air quality! The A/C was pushing hard and the house was nice and cool! My uncle explained that they had a coolant leak and that’s why the A/C wasn’t pushing out cool air. The HVAC technician found the leak, repaired it, and refilled the system with coolant. When he was all finished, everything worked almost like new. I certainly was grateful for that HVAC technician. Not to mention, eating some good food at that relaxing restaurant put me in a really great mood. I definitely enjoyed my stay with my family down south, though the weather was hard to get used to.

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