Was a happy homeowner

Two years ago I was a happy homeowner, with a beautiful wife and three handsome dogs. My career was not going well, to be honest I had been treading water at the company for some time now. My wife had been promoted several times and was on her way to the top it seemed, but I was still toiling in the office. Soon after it all came together and started making sense, when my wife left me for the owner of the company. I got let go by the company, and also by my wife, who took the house and all three dogs. My uncle threw me a lifeline, and offered me a minimum wage job in his HVAC repair shop. It was grunt work, sweeping floors and lifting heavy heating and cooling equipment all day long, but I took it without a second thought. I needed to clear my head and earn some money, and I found that I could do both my losing myself into the manual labor of the HVAC shop. My uncle was well established in the community, and had at least six different vans and 12 different full time HVAC technicians. I filled in for whoever needed ductwork carried or tools loaded, and it did not take long for my work ethic to get noticed. My uncle pulled me aside and said if I took some classes and got my HVAC certification then he could promote me. I jumped at the chance, and within six months was earning twice the pay as a heating and cooling installation specialist.

HVAC technician