I’d love better technology

My sister Diana recently bought a Summer house down south by lake. She wanted a little Summer lake house to easily visit her brothers & myself, but my sister Diana never could do anything small. She decided on buying a seven bedroom & four bathroom mansion, and the place is way too immense for just one single person. What honestly kills me and my brothers is that our sister put a large bed in each room as well. We agree that there is no way she will ever need seven rooms all with fancy beds… I know our sister should have made each room have a theme. One room could be a reading room. Another could be a billiard room. What about the idea of using one room for just a giant storage closet? Anything, just about, would be better than wasting so much money on fancy beds. Also, our sister Diana could have gotten new ductless HVAC to replace the central HVAC by doing that plan. If she simply put a ductless mini split in each and every room, not all the rooms in the mansion would need heating & cooling at all times. The immense storage closet room would need no real Heating & Air Conditioning ever. The billiard room would only need AC when company is over using it. The reading room could have only used heating when she was reading in it. With every room being a bedroom & tied to central Heating & Air Conditioning, the immense mansion has to always be one centralized temperature, which must make her Heating & Air Conditioning bill immense… A bit of zone control & some thoughtful planning could have left her with a lot more money. She could be reading comfortably in her reading room & hardly spend any real money. Also setting the temperature up or down a few degrees would not be such an immense deal.

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