I’m good at making friends

My good friend Pam always gets into the newest workout fad, be it spin classes, Zumba and now hot yoga.  However, when she asked me to try hot yoga, I definitely misunderstood what she meant! I assumed hot yoga meant doing yoga poses that were sexy. I have never tried yoga but always wanted to. It made no difference if the poses were sexy, it could be fun after all. Well, in all actuality hot yoga means the heater is on while you work out. The high temperature is meant to pull the toxins out of your body. The heater is cranked to care about 90 degrees while you do a series of poses, supposedly helping you stretch and relax better. Not for me though, I ended up hating it. I don’t really relate to yoga either. Why would you want to just stretch and hold poses when you could do some cardio? I really just care about getting my heart pumping and a good sweat on. I care more about accomplishing something when I work out. I hate that hot yoga fakes an intense workout. The heater does all the work because it makes you sweaty. The people then feel like they are having a great workout because of how sweaty they are. It is all a fake though. They did not build up a sweat through exercise, the heater did it for them. There is no reasoning with Pam about this though. She loves her yoga class. I tried to explain to her that she could literally do the same thing for free at her home in front of her furnace. I guess it would not be the same.

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