I’m happy with my heater

Me and my girlfriend recently got back from a wonderful trip that we took to South America! During our time overseas we got to check out a rain forest preserve with a beautiful waterfall! They even allowed people to take helicopter rides over the waterfall to get a sweet aerial view. Me and my girlfriend decided to take them up on this offer! As we went up into the air I realized that there was no air conditioning on board the helicopter. It was pretty hot up there, and I was hoping I’d be able to make it to the trip. The helicopter pilot assured me it wasn’t a very long trip.The view was amazing, and though we were enjoying ourselves, at the same time I was desperate to get some relief from the heat! Finally we landed and enjoyed the rest of our day in the park. As we left the park at sunset we decided to check out and nearby restaurant we had heard was very good. The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door was that the air conditioner was incredible and felt amazing after being in the heat all day. the food was really good too, and we just sat there enjoying the coolness and chatting it up as we ate our meal. The waiter was very friendly and serviceable and always made sure to top off our ice cold drinks for us whenever we got low. As we left, I made sure to leave a generous tip for the great service. I think would be coming back at least once before heading home to the U.S.

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