We don’t want bad air quality

I’m easily at the end of my wits in addition to there are very many reasons that could be why. My complications entirely began 6 days ago when the two of us bought a new winter Fortress. I should have known there would be problems, when the nosy neighbor next door was on loading our moving truck. He peeked over his wooden fence at our driveway, occasionally inspecting all of our content. He never seem to say very much at all, in addition to the fact that I believed him to be oddly weird. At that time, I was completely distracted in addition to did not pay any mind. A few days ago, he was holding up a large tool box next to my outdoor A/C equipment. I couldn’t hear him mumbling anything over the A/C component, so I easily walked outside to ask him a few questions. He said that he was working as a heating in addition to A/C component technician for most of his life. He told us that he could honestly hear some loose screws inside of our outdoor A/C equipment. I was completely shocked in addition to surprised, and didn’t know what to do about the entire idea. I decided to shoo the neighbor away, in addition to inquire to my wife about the whole problem. The next thing that I knew, the old Codger was talking about my old Volkswagen and how it needed a tune-up. When the neighbors daughter visited last night, she told me that his behavior was odd because of a little bit of dementia. He did actually happen to be a heating in addition to air conditioning service provider at one time.

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