I’m not totally done

My failing air conditioner has finally forced me to purchase ceiling fans.  When I rented the place, my landlord curiously told me to never call her about the AC.  She claimed it had just been cleaned and given a tuneup so it should be running at peak performance.  Well, that’s not the case and now I want to call her about it. This AC unit just can’t keep my house cool.  I’m lucky if I can get it to drop below 76 degrees, let alone down to 73 where I like to keep it. The fan always seems to be cycling on and off as well.  This can’t be safe long term on the motor and I know my electric bill is climbing too. But what can I do if I want cool air? Anyone would take it whenever they could get it.  I even replaced all of the light fixtures in the rooms with ceiling fans and that seems to help a little. It keeps the cold air pushed low to the floor and gives me some line of defense when the AC isn’t running.  Even with fans in every room and the AC running, my house feels scorching during the day. Who would pay money to live like this? There has to be something seriously wrong with my AC unit. I think my landlord lied about the tuneup before I moved in; this thing is probably old and needs full maintenance.