Living from paycheck to paycheck

During the winter season weeks, the weather around here can get cold and treacherous; it is not unusual for the snow to pile up to several or more feet high. Last January was quite bad, and my teens were out of school a lot. We had snow storm after snowstorm, with barely any end in sight. With icy conditions plus freezing rain, they kept the schools closed for a few days out of every week. Thankfully, I work full time at home, and  I can be here with the boys, if they don’t have school or stay at home sick. They spent days at home last January, and I was ready to scream. Since it was frigid outside, the kids could not go outdoors to run off steam. They were arguing all the time, and one afternoon, I heard a loud bang followed by a loud oops. I walked into the living room, to find the space heater knocked over. There was a puddle of liquid on the floor around it. Whatever liquid it was smelled awful and did not want to come out of the carpet. I was annoyed with the boys for causing such a mess. Thank goodness, the heater still worked. I scrubbed the floor with every cleaner in the house, but nothing worked. I had to call a professional carpet cleaning service to remove the oily stain from our living room carpet. I can still see a faint circle of oil on the carpet. It is an unforgettable physical reminder that teenage boys cannot be left alone for long periods.

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