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When I started to run my oil furnace near the end of October, I should have called for professional service right away. The oil furnace made a horrifying grinding sound, blew out a tremendous amount of dust, and the heated air smelled of burnt lint. I hoped that there was only a bit of dust causing some minor issues. Over the next couple of weeks, the oil furnace began to deteriorate immensely. With outside temperatures quickly dropping, the oil furnace was carrying a hefty workload. I kept raising the thermostat setting, but it was in vain. I had to bundle up just to stay warm, and shivered from the many icy spots and drafts throughout the home. The sound level of the oil furnace got so bad that it woke me up in the middle of the night almost every night. I finally contacted a professional HVAC business. I was paying a fortune, and yet my home was downright uncomfortable. The HVAC business took the oil furnace apart and cleaned the debris accumulated within the equipment.  There was a significant amount of dust hindering operation, blocking airflow and putting extra strain on components. It’s miraculous that the oil furnace hadn’t overheated and died completely. The cleaning process was speedy, was not all that costly and restored the oil furnace to standard function. The HVAC businessman requested that I call for service every autumn to ensure that the oil furnace is running efficiently. I think that this service plan will be a worthy investment since it will save me on future bills.

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