I’m very happy in here

Ever since I found out that I have arthritis in my knees, I have trying to do a lot of walking to keep them limber.  I have always been a walker, and in the spring and fall, you can always find me walking in our neighborhood. However, I need to be able to walk my two miles, even when the weather isn’t perfect.  My daughter has a gym subscription, and she invited me to come along and try out the treadmill. After ten minutes, I was getting anxious. There was no way I was going to do two miles, when all I had to look at was a wall in front of me.  That’s when I found out that a lot of people I know, walk in the mall every morning. They are there early in the morning before any of the stores open. They can walk their two miles in no time, but I am usually still there, long after the stores open, and somehow, I end up finding something that I absolutely need and I am spending a lot of money.  I’ve got to tell you the air quality in the mall is really nice. After my one day experience in the gym where the air quality is a bit smelly, even though they have a great air conditioner, I much preferred being in the mall. My wallet didn’t like the mall. Then someone told me to go to the museum. I know their HVAC system has to be excellent. Their air quality needs to be pristine because of all of the old relics they have.  Now I have added one more relic, me. I will also benefit from their HVAC and the pristine air quality.

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