We are not going by the rules

I think my favorite thing about looking for a new house is that it feels like I’m free to look into other people’s homes without it being weird. It is not that I like to spy on people or anything, I just feel like it is so much more entertaining than TV to look through houses and see how people have set up the space. What art they have or wallpaper or what countertops they’ve picked out are also points of fascination. There are also no rules about picking apart what I’m seeing. I can comment on the decor, the state of the electrical or HVAC and be completely within the norm, even above in some aspects. I like the feeling of knowing things. I like looking at the HVAC system as if I’m a pro and being able to tell if it is in good condition, how old it most likely is, and things like that. It makes me feel good. People also seem to find it helpful. My realtor doesn’t seem to like it much, though. We spend at least twenty minutes of the tours just in the basements looking at electrical panels, plumbing lines and HVAC. In my defense, those things are really important in a house! I need to be thorough in my inspection of the place I’m going to spend my hard earned money on! I know he gets it, but he probably would prefer our tours be a bit shorter than they have been. At this point we’ve looked at so many he’s caught on. Now he only shows me places with updated HVAC, electrical and plumbing to save himself the frustration. Finally we’re getting somewhere!