This is honestly awesome

There is nothing better to do in the morning, than to take a brisk two mile walk.  It fills your lungs with air and wakes you up so you are ready for a new day. I love taking advantage of the beautiful weather that comes with spring and fall.  There is a great little nature preserve that offers pathways for the elderly so we can come in and walk during the daylight hours. When the weather gets bad, I now go to the mall.  I thought a gym would be a good idea, but who wants to look at the same wall for two hours. Not just the same wall, but you sometimes end up with some guy in front of you who thinks that being cool means showing off your backside.  I decided to go the mall with a bunch of my friends. We walk before the stores open, and the air conditioning and heating is already running. It makes for the perfect place to walk because the air quality is great. Of course, there is one fall back to walking at mall, and that is the fact that the mall will open.  That’s when I have to be careful not to have any money on me, because I love to shop. Maybe just a drink would be okay, but I can’t take that chance. Then a friend told me to go to the museum. The air quality is always perfect. If the air conditioning and the heating weren’t perfect, they wouldn’t be able to preserve all of that beautiful artwork.

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