Zone control equipment

My roommate and I have finally solved a long, ongoing problem of ours. A couple of weeks after we moved in together, we began to realize that we had completely different preferences when it came to how we used the air conditioner. She wanted to keep the A/C running all of the time because she got hot easily, whereas I was always more inclined to keep it off unless it was absolutely necessary. I think I was less willing to turn it on because my parents always taught me to save energy by only using the A/C on warmer days. Each time our utility bill would come in the mail I would get frustrated because it seemed like it was unreasonably high. I knew that this was because of my roommates habits. We weren’t able to come to a solution until we spoke to our landlord. When we told him the reasons we were considering moving out, he told us that he would look into a zone controlled HVAC unit. I had not heard of these types of heating and cooling systems until he told us about them. They allow the homeowner to heat or cool individual rooms without having to run the HVAC system in the entire house. This sounded great because it would let my roommate run the air conditioner in her room, and we could leave it off in the rest of the house. After the zone controlled system was installed, we immediately stopped having arguments, and we found that we were able to live together without any issues! Zone controlled HVAC units are a must-have for roommates.

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