Kid has been out of control

My kid has been easily out of control lately… She likes to consistently play jokes or be reckless at times. This one time she changed the temperature control machine settings plus blasted the A/C as high as it would go! This really caused the HVAC to overheat plus consequently to shut down! I was so irritated about this because the Heating plus Air Conditioning device repair bill was rather extravagant. This one time she was just so irritated about something that happened at her school, she punched the control machine on the wall! This caused the control machine to split plus the two of us were so irritated with her for doing this! I grounded her from her video games, her laptop, plus her smartphone! I had a major talk with her about respecting people plus their property. If she was going to continue living under our roof, she easily had to get her act together because the two of us were not going to deal with these horrible outbreaks of hers. I told her that she had to work to cover the money for the repair for the control machine plus she also had to eventually pay back the money for the cost of the previous repair when she cranked the A/C device all the way up. So the two of us found her a task plus she got to work right away to save up money to cover these costs. The two of us were pleased with her because the task seemed to show her some discipline plus it seemed she was beginning to understand the true value of money. When she had the money to actually pay us back for the disfigurement she caused, she apologized truthfully about what she did plus said it would never happen again. The two of us were totally in shock plus couldn’t believe that was our daughter!

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