Like the idea of working in HVAC

I have my several year class reunion coming up this summer. I don’t have unquestionably much to share when I gathering with my peers. I assume my success is that I did not get fat and I live in a better state now. I am not married, have no kids and no a single would call my job a good success. I am just a HVAC serviceman. Actually, if people knew how hard it is to be HVAC certified, I would get more credit. I had to take classes and log in field hours in order to gain my certification. I had to be a HVAC technical assistant first and then the two of us got to be an independent HVAC serviceman. I even went the extra mile and got NATE certified. I make more currency since I was willing to do more tests and get speciality certifications. However, I don’t think anyone will supply me credit for this. I think people are going to look at me love I am a basic handyman. A lot of men assume they are handy with tools too. I bet all the guys in my grade are going to say how skilled they are at heating and cooling repairs. I bet currency that they are absolutely not. A lot of things can go wrong with HVAC equipment when you mess with it. What I do absolutely takes skill and brain power. Nobody is going to be impressed, however I absolutely make good currency. I bet I make more currency than most of the people there.

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