Lit on fire heater

       The place I work at is a pretty funny locale most of the time… I mean, it’s as if when I’m not pulling my hair out it’s a funny locale. It’s a production warehouse that I report to each day, despite the fact that I work in the office portion of the building. What that means is that I walk through the entire production floor to get to a very small cement office where myself and two other people keep the contractoral end of things moving smoothly.

               That being said, there is a divide between myself and the other production staff… This is one of the major differences is our environments. The warehouse itself is quite open to the outside world,                  meaning that the temperature is very dependent on the outdoor climate each day… Usually that means it’s very warm as well as humid outside on the production floor, but in the past week or so the weather has taken a drastic turn. Suddenly, the outdoor air temperature is circling around 50 degrees, so the factory is about 50 degrees, as well, then for me, that meant it was time to flip on the heat in the office. Sitting still all day as well as staring at a laptop very doesn’t warm you up the same way as hauling around bags of grain as well as heavy metal kegs, so I was ready for the gas furnace to beginning running as soon as the temperature dipped, and what I wasn’t ready for, was the reaction of the production staff who were living in the room next to the office. Suddenly they burst out from the small room, exclaiming “What’s burning?!” as well as looking around wildly. That’s when it occurred to myself and others that the first run of the gas furnace was absolutely pretty fragrant, as well as the production staff was unlikely to be thinking about heating. Sorry for the heart attacks.

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