Local HVAC parts

When I was in high school, my dad and uncles had me work with them a few nights out of the week at a local HVAC parts and service company. The company had general contractors, like my dad, and several warehouse personnel like my uncles, who were tasked with pre-assembly of equipment that would be used on various job sites. I enjoyed going on calls with my dad more than I enjoyed the warehouse labor, and that’s for several reasons. For one, my dad’s calls were always different. It was a new job each time, and it could be a residential customer with a toilet they want replaced, or a commercial office building with a lagging heating and air conditioning system. Plus, any time I went on a call, I’d ride with my dad in his company truck which had excellent air conditioning! In contrast, the warehouse was often dusty, dirty and had terrible air circulation. How ironic that a parts warehouse with countless heating and air conditioning components would have terrible indoor air quality? When I was in the warehouse, the other workers – primarily my two uncles – would have me assist them in piecing together joints in a duct system. I would also run tools and parts to them from the warehouse, so they could quickly piece together the air compressor units and furnaces that would go into homes and businesses around the city. I was paid for my time in the warehouse and on call with my dad of course, but I felt I was learning far more outside of the warehouse than I was inside. My dad would be one-on-one with me, explaining the various components of an air conditioning unit and what they did. My uncles were just taking advantage of having their own personal slave!

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