Talent in HVAC

Kids these days have every opportunity to become multi-talented individuals. While some parents are content with their kids staying indoors and playing video games all summer long, my kids go to a summer camp that teaches them a variety of useful skills. This isn’t some work-camp like I was sent to as a child, but a place of learning where kids can go through the beginner’s courses for welding, woodshop, automotive repair, and even HVAC service! I think that’s incredible – I would’ve loved to have a summer class available where I could learn how to fix my home’s heating and air conditioning system. My youngest son is 12 years old, but they don’t let age get in the way of learning these skills. Each night, he comes home from his summer camp and tells me about the cool stuff he got to do. Just last night, he was telling me about how they were learning how to test air circulation in a home, and how to safely handle air filters when changing them out. The day before that, my son took the lead in a group project where they had to take the front face of a small room air conditioner apart, clean the inside and put it back together. So far he’s loving it, but that doesn’t surprise me – I work as a professional HVAC specialist! It only makes sense that one of my boys would take after his old man and show a knack for understanding heating and air conditioning systems. Part of me really hopes that my boy continues to enjoy the work they do on various heating elements and air conditioning units, because I know I’d love to add a family member to the business!

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