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Do you have a home gym, or do you go and pay for a public gym? I used to head to the local gym with my buddies, but that was years ago. I have spent so long destroying my formerly exquisite body that I am too self conscious to go back there, not for a while anyway. It may sound stupid, and it definitely sounds vain, but I need to get into better shape before I can step foot in that gym again. I decided instead to shift around the furniture in my home office, and convert part of the space to a gym. Without thinking, I put the treadmill right under the air vent for the room, and what a wonderful mistake that was! Now when I hit the treadmill I have cooling air blasting me right in the face as I walk. The A/C does not stop me from sweating, in fact it gives me fresh energy so I can walk harder, faster, and longer. I sweat a little less, but burn a lot more calories, all thanks to the air vents! I had previously been of the mindset that you have to pour sweat to lose weight, but my A/C and my calorie counter have proven otherwise. Next week I am going to start weight training, so I will move the treadmill so I can put the weight bench under the HVAC vent. I tell you, discovering how much easier a workout is with a face full of cooling air has changed the way I think about exercise.

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