Lucky find gone wrong

When my husband and I found a super cheap and lovely house on the edge of town, we thought that we were the luckiest couple on the planet. However in just a few short days, we would find out that we couldn’t have been more incorrect about our prediction. It turned out that the old house had some inner working problems that would cost us tons of money in the long run. The old heated gas furnace has been in use since the early nineteen hundreds. After living in the house for only a few days, it broke down on us one night while we were sleeping. The model is so old that none of the repair men that work at the local HVAC service company in town know how to fix it. It’s simply too old and dated to be repaired by them. That means we are going to have to spend a boatload of money on a brand new a/c unit. Not only were we hit with that bad news, but we found out that we were going to have to tear down a massive hole in the wall just to remove the a/c unit. It’s just so bulky and old that it can’t be taken out the door, or disassembled to pieces. If my husband and I could go back in time, I’m sure that we would both go back to when we agreed with the real estate agent to buy this money guzzler of a house. At least we learned our lesson sooner than later!

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