Missing out on the a/c

A few months ago,my dear partner decided she wanted to go back to school and pursue a teaching degree focused on early childhood education; Her choice to return to school was born from an obstacle course of factors that would make others turn away or give up, and yet she persisted! I’m proud of my partner for going back to school, despite working full-time and tending to our six month-old baby.  Yes, her stubborn will has often guided her through any number of life’s struggles. However, that same stubborn willpower has contributed to quite a few of our struggles as well! Last year, we were dealt a heavy financial blow when the air conditioning in our lake house stopped working. It would still circulate air, but the incoming air was warm, and almost sticky if that makes sense. I thought the air filter just needed to be changed, but even the best HEPA air filter made no difference to our air quality at that point. My partner refused to spend our money for the necessary repairs, and said that it wasn’t hot enough to justify needing the repairs. What our partner failed to consider was that it was only March! We were due for some horrendous and hot weather over the coming Summer, although she insisted it could wait. Before long, I was at a point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I made a maintenance visit myself, and had the HVAC specialists at our lake lake house days later. Just so my partner didn’t have to worry about the costs, I was able to finance the repairs and make payments. I would’ve paid for the repairs in full though, if it meant having the air conditioning fixed and ready to blast chilled air!