Move it or lose it

Moving is such a pain. After spending all day and a majority of the night packing up all of our stuff. We are moving all the way across the country for a new job opportunity, and we are excited to start a life somewhere else! Our car is super old, and not that large, but we are hoping that it will do the job on this seven hour drive. After we said our goodbyes, we hit the road. We didn’t even get an hour into the drive before we hit our first major issue. Our engine overheated! I got out to access the situation, but there was too much smoke and steam to figure out what was actually wrong. It was a super warm day, and since the car wasn’t working the a/c wasn’t working either. My girlfriend has a tendency to overheat and faint, so I was super nervous that she would be in big trouble if we were stranded out here for much longer. I rang up the local HVAC service company to see if they could come and access our situation. We were blessed by this company. They arrived to us within half an hour, and they had our engine and a/c system fixed up within and hour! The best part of all was that while they were working on our car, they offered to let us sit and catch a nap in their service truck. That cool a/c really felt amazing. I sure am glad we called that company when we did, or else we would have been in big trouble.

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