My home uses a heat pump instead of a furnace:

Everyday that I wake up, I am amazed at how much my life has changed. I used to have so many several health problems such as an aching jaw, high blood pressure, as well as even migraines. All of it, of course, was from the stress of life. Getting by in this day & age is not easy, as well as for some of us it just gets harder everyday. Well, it was about more than two years ago I decided that the rat race just wasn’t worth it anymore. I was losing sleep as well as I was consistently overworked as well as underpaid, all for what? I didn’t even appreciate my job; I just needed it to get by as well as it’s the highest paying thing I could do. Then one day I found out about off-grid life, which is where I’ve been ever since. I saved up enough until I bought my houseboat as well as quit my job, and now I have no rent, no utility bills, as well as no more worries; as well I live in total comfort thanks to my Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. This seasoned houseboat of mine has modern updates, similar to a top-of-the-line heat pump. This ductless heating and cooling system is able to supply both heating as well as cooling to the whole houseboat, as well as without putting off any VOCs. As a result, it’s the safest option for the space. Not only that, however it also runs off of the solar panels on my roof which power the apartment through a solar battery. The latest heat pumps can labor effectively even down to 17 degrees, so when it’s 30 degrees outside I am still perfectly warmed thanks to my central heater system.

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