Using the a/c for the christmas cold

Christmas is far from being cold in my  neck of the woods. When other people are in hibernation and stiff with cold weather, our area usually stays in the fifties.  Fifty isn’t really warm, but it isn’t frigid either. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had a different thought in mind this year. I felt like it was summer on Christmas morning.  I also felt like it was Christmas. I hated knowing that it was going to be so warm on Christmas day and I couldn’t get into the mood. The holiday was ruined for me. Then, I came up with an idea.  I set my thermostat for the lowest air conditioning setting that I could get. I had it cool in my house, and I was able to garner a bit of that Christmas spirit because of the cooling temperatures I could get with the air conditioning.  I actually had it so cool in the house that my wife told me I needed to turn the air conditioning off. I wanted to keep the air conditioning so I felt like it was Christmas. She grimaced, but she put on her footed pajamas and wrapped up on the sofa, while we opened our  Christmas gifts. It seemed like we had our Christmas spirit back, thanks to the air conditioning. I may turn the AC back to a decent temperatures when the gifts our opened, but I’ll have to give that more thought. It’s supposed to cool off at the end of the week, so maybe I will just keep the thermostat turned down.  When the cool air hits, we won’t be used to the warm air, and we can keep the holiday spirit for a couple more days.