Need an electric heater

My husband John and I purchased a cabin retreat in the woods. It is so fun to use in the summer. It’s right by a lake that is perfect for lounging and swimming. I like it best during the winter though. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching the snow fall outside while sipping on a nice cup of cocoa and reading a good book while sitting in front of the nice warm fireplace. The fireplace in the cabin allows for a great escape from phones and computers that we constantly rely on. Don’t get me wrong, a modern furnace is much more convenient, but I love the nostalgia and fond memories that come along with our cabin’s fireplace. I have very limited knowledge on fireplaces and couldn’t chop wood if I tried, but luckily John is an expert at such topics. Being an HVAC specialist, he is very well-read on all heating and cooling devices, including fireplaces. He constantly assures me that he is the right person to be handling the fire. He tells me I am not one for detail, and I don’t argue with him at all. I just care about having a pleasantly burning fire. John lets me know each time he starts a fire that opening the flue before starting it keeps the air free of any potentially harmful smoke. I know that I need to be more cautious when it comes to using the fireplace, so I just let John handle the fires.

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